At last our 1924 Bentley Le Mans is finished

At last our 1924 Bentley Le Mans is finished. It has been a challenge to design this model, there are quite a few parts including new 3D printed wire wheel along with steering. It is available in two version: one with the roof and one with the roof down as it was in the race. It had to race with the roof both up and down. 

We have two more Edwardian racers about to go into the mould. they should be ready in the near future. I also have another 4 or 5 in the pipeline. I think that should be enough oldies for the time being.
So what is next? Well it has to be the Ford truck, it is already on its wheels and the prototype has run on my test track so I should get on and finish it. 

I will also have four new painted specials going on the car page soon as well. 2 Mk.II Jags, a Lotus Elan and a Frazer Nash. So lots of new stuff.  
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