Lots of new stuff coming along

Lots of new stuff coming along, but at the moment no theme, rhyme or reason to what is in the pipeline. The 1924 Le Mans Bentley is up and running (a year early for its centenary. Another version of this is already nearly complete, this will be an open tourer with a nice tourneux cover. Four new Edwardian models are just about ready to go up on the websites. These include a 1904 Darraq, a 1904 Pipe, a Dietrich, and a GB Special. 

We also have our new venture with the 1.24th scale Hillman Imp. The prototype is finished for the Frazer Imp and a more racey version with wheel arches will be underway soon.

Then I got sidetracked and though I would make a model of the Beast of Turin, so by the end of next week that should be finished. Once that is done hopefully I will be making a start on our 1.24 Anglia. With these it may be an idea to revamp the Mini and we will have three 1.24 British racing saloons. 
Out of interest if you would like any of our existing models in diffferent scales which models and which scale?

Just a heads up that I will not be attending Gaydon this year. No drama, the organisers were gracious enough to invite me. But unfortunately I am getting too old for a 2 day show with all the preparation, it gets a bit too much. I will however be at Orpington next weekend and will have all the new stuff on display. So if you are attending and you would like me to bring anything up let me know as soon as you can.
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