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1954 Chevrolet COE Lowloader with Tyre Box (TRU-404)

1954 Chevrolet COE Lowloader with Tyre Box (TRU-404)

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Chevrolet COE 
Lowloader with Tyre Box

Product Code: TRU-404


Wheel inserts available as CHE-P14 (£2 per set of four when purchased with this kit)

This kit contains:

  • Unpainted, resin cab and rear bed, tyrebox and tyre moulding.
  • Resin chassis with inline motor pod
  • Resin dashboard, seat, steering wheel, driver, grill, bumper, headlights (with clear lenses), name bar, mirrors
  • Vac formed window
  • Decals
  • Screws, nut and bolt


Recommended running gear:
(Not provided)

  • Wheels: PCS Classic 15'' alloy 16x6x2 (Ref: 32166)
  • Tyres: PCS 24x6mm (Ref: PCS32246T)
  • Axles: 55mm 3/32
  • Motor: Standard S-can (pinion on bell-end)
  • Other parts: Pinion, crown wheel, guide, braid, cable, bearings
Wheel base 137mm
Width 67mm
Length 235mm
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