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Singer 9, 1934 Le Mans Car (SAL-192)

Singer 9, 1934 Le Mans Car (SAL-192)

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Singer 9
1934 Le Mans Car

Product Code: SAL-192

This kit includes:

  • Resin body 
  • Resin one-piece chassis
  • Resin front wings, axle clamp, grill with headlights, driver with passenger x2, filler cap, double spare wheel, rear number plate with rear lights, exhaust, steering wheel, gear shifter, wiper motor, wheels.
  • 3D Printed Wire Wheels
  • Decals
  • Screws, nut and bolt
  • Windscreen clear

Recommended running gear:

  • Tyres: 22x7mm (Ref: PCS-32227T)
  • Axles: 37mm 3/32
  • Motor: Standard S-can (pinion on bell end)
  • Other Parts: Double flange bearings, pinion, crown wheel, guide, cable, braid
Wheel base 75mm
Width 46mm
Length 115mm
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