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Edwardian GP Delage (ED-201)

Edwardian GP Delage (ED-201)

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Edwardian GP Delage

Product Code: ED-201

This kit includes: 

  • Unpainted, resin body shell
  • Resin chassis
  • Front and Rear Wheels
  • Resin driver/mechanic, fuel tank, exhaust, chaindrives, steering wheel, handbrake, starting handle, spare wheel mount
  • Front stub axles
  • Decals
  • Screws 

 For running gear from Pendle Slot Racing please use the web address below   

    Recommended running gear is as follows:
    (Not provided)
    • PCS Vintage slick tyres cream 25.5x6mm (Ref: PCS-32256TC, 2 sets required) or PCS Diamond Treaded Cream Tyres 22x7mm (Ref: PCS-32227TC)
    • Axle: 1x 50mm 3/32
    • Guide: Sloting plus universal standard guide RKS (Ref: SP101001)
    • Motor: Standard S-Can with pinion on bell end
    • Other parts: Pinion, crown wheel, braid, wire, bearings
    Wheel base 94mm
    Width 56mm
    Length 130mm
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