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Mclaren M8A: No.5 (GT-401)

Mclaren M8A: No.5 (GT-401)

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Mclaren M8A

Driven by Bruce Mclaren in the 1968 Can-Am Season to great success.

The M8A was a development of the M6A design and gave form to many different variations. The 1968 season saw it use an all-aluminum 7 litre Chevrolet big-block V8.

Product Code: GT-401


This kit includes: 

  • Unpainted resin body shell
  • Resin 3D designed chassis, one piece sidewinder
  • Resin front wheel axle clamp, dashboard, interior, steering wheel, fire extinguisher, gear stick, roll bar, motor stacks, mirrors, exhaust casting, driver with removable helmet.
  • Vac formed windscreen
  • Decals
  • Screws 
Wheel inserts are available as M8A-S15 (£2 per set of 4 when ordered with this kit)
Recommended running gear:
(Not Provided)
  • Wheels: 13.8x8.5 (Ref: PCS3215135)
  • Front tyres: Slot It 16x8 (Ref: SIPT1088CI)
  • Rear tyres: Slot It PCS 18x10
  • Axles: 3/32 48mm
  • Pinion: Slot It 11z 6.5mm dia.
  • Sidewinder gear: 34z 18mm dia.
  • Motor: Standard S-can with pinion on can end
  • Other parts: Guide (SICH10), braid, eylets, bearings, cable etc.
Wheel base 74mm
Width 60mm
Length 121mm
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